Coming Together to Beat with One Heart Again: Latido Latino 2022

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Karelia Clavijo, Enseña por Bolivia alumna; Jacquelinne Villa, Enseña por Panamá alumna; Elías Ramos, Enseña por México alumnus; Shirley Bonilla, Enseñá por Argentina alumna
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In October 2022 the sixth "Latido Latino" gathering took place in Quito, Ecuador. After two years of the pandemic, we celebrated the opportunity to meet again in-person for three days to beat with one heart. The overall objective this year was to reconnect the Teach For All alumni network in Latin America and enhance our systemic impact together with our communities, celebrating resilience in the face of current and future challenges. 

The event brought together more than 170 alumni, teachers and educational leaders representing Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Guatemala and the United States. Also present were staff of Teach For All's global organization, including Teach For All CEO and Co-Founder Wendy Kopp. 

The event focused on strengthening the connection and exchange of learning in the Latin American region, through the following three thematic objectives:

  1. Re-connecting and linking the Latin American alumni network
  2. Taking collective action for social innovation
  3. Strengthening conscious leadership

The event was packed with different learning moments, all of which were full of energy. These included the “Latidoton”, one of the first collaborative activities of the gathering, which, similar to a hackathon, encouraged multidisciplinary work from teams made up of alumni, students, teachers and educational leaders, with the aim of inviting them to reflect and co-create proposals that would provide solutions to the main social problems currently facing the region.

In addition, the event's agenda included the participation of 17 speakers with outstanding trajectories, who shared resources and tools, and motivated the attendees to continue working collaboratively as a network to enhance our impact in the educational, social and political spheres of the region. 20 workshops were also held covering the areas of public policy, social innovation and educational leadership and focusing on topics such as: 

  • Education with a gender perspective
  • Our role as educational leaders to influence public policy
  • How to contribute to a movement for children through play
  • Self-awareness and the role of emotional intelligence in our leadership
  • The region we want to build post-pandemic

The Cultural Night was another of the activities that stood out for celebrating our personality as a Latin American community. Each country shared a bit of its culture, tradition and gastronomy. The meeting allowed us to recognize our diversity and richness, enhance our experience, and strengthen our identity as a movement. 

At the end of the event, the participants met in groups based on their country to reflect on the lessons learned and to define the commitments that they would take home after the intense days of connection and training. In this way, each country designed a work plan inspired by the lessons learned and links built during this edition of Latido Latino to implement with their communities at the local level. 

Regarding the impact of the meeting, the alumni were able to share feedback and reflections through daily surveys, the following are some of key highlights from the feedback that was collected: 

  • 81% felt that they reconnected and linked with the Latin American alumni network.
  • 74% took or will take collective action for social innovation as a result of attending the event.
  • 77% felt their conscious and systemic leadership was strengthened by attending the event.

Each year, the alumni of the Teach For All network in Latin America look forward to coming together to continue transforming and strengthening ourselves as a region. We look forward to a seventh edition of Latido Latino in 2023 with more connection, more learning and more impact. Wait for the call!

"Through Latido Latino I have been able to contact different people who are now my friends and help me to be a better person. I know I can count on them when I need to refine a proposal or give something more." — Ixchel, Enseña por México alumna.
"Latido Latino is the event that allows me to recharge my purpose. To remember the importance of what and why the work for education, exercised from different roles, is transcendental for children and young people." — Nayvi, Enseña Perú alumna

We invite you to learn more about what happened and the impact achieved in the Latido Latino 2022 Report.