Deutsche Post DHL Group and Teach For All Provide Virtual Employment Skills Training to Students During School Closures

DPDHL Group volunteers participating in Empieza por Educar’s Skills for Life Workshop

Each year on July 15, World Youth Skills Day brings together “private and public stakeholders to acknowledge and celebrate the importance of equipping young people with skills for employment, decent work and entrepreneurship.”

For more than 10 years, Deutsche Post DHL Group and Teach For All have collaborated to ensure young people from across our global network are exposed to the world of work. Our partnership with DPDHL Group has grown from six network organizations at inception to 20 today, reaching over 7000 students and engaging more than 800 DPDHL Group volunteers in the last year alone.

From Chile to India to Uganda and beyond, the Teach For All network and DPDHL Group employees are improving employability for students of all ages through GoTeach, our signature partnership. Together, DPDHL Group, Teach For All’s global organization, and our network partners provide access to resources, experiences, tools, and capacity building and mentoring opportunities that enable students to succeed in a dynamic global economy.

In Spain, Empieza por Educar and local DHL offices bring skills for the workplace into classrooms through GoTeach volunteer engagements. This year, DPDHL Group volunteers participated in Empieza por Educar’s Skills for Life Workshop, which focuses on supporting students to identify their strengths, abilities, and prospective career paths. "We have been seeing different scenarios that could occur in a work environment,” explained Pedro Puras, an Empieza por Educar student, about the Skills for Life Workshop. “We learned how to face them...and at the end of the workshop we have made our own video curriculum, which is the activity that I liked the most." (Watch the video above to learn more.)

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic and unprecedented school closures, collective leadership is more important than ever to ensure continuity of learning. We see this leadership in the collaboration between teachers across our network who are deftly navigating the challenges of remote learning with few resources and the DPDHL Group, whose volunteer initiatives and in-kind hardware donations support their efforts to keep students learning. In Argentina, DHL Supply donated 23 computers to Enseñá por Argentina to enable students without access to technology to learn online, and in other countries, DHL volunteer engagements shifted from in-person convenings to virtual mentorship.

In Colombia, and Mexico, DHL employees are recording short videos to ensure the continuity of their employability curriculum during the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees of the three DHL divisions collaborated with Enseña por México to create videos for a virtual Emplolab, through which Enseña por México shares content with students, parents, and teachers while schools across Mexico remain closed. In India, DHL employees are engaging virtually with Teach For India in three regions, Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai, supporting fellows to develop their employability skills.  

Together, Teach For All and DPDHL Group, the network’s Employability & Life Skills Partner, are strengthening our commitment to equipping students with the skills they need to transition from school to work and become leaders in their communities and beyond.