FIERST: A Cross-Country Effort to Train, Support, and Change Mindsets in Public Schools

From Inclusive Education to Real Scale Transfer (FIERST) is a three-year project funded by the Erasmus+ KA3: Support for Policy reform. The project aims to pilot effective ways for upscaling good practices for inclusive education from innovative teachers at the regional, national, and European levels. The partners in the three pilot countries—Bulgaria, Estonia, and Romania—are working with mainstream teachers and are changing their mindsets by training and supporting them to create and run professional learning communities (PLCs) in their schools, and to apply at school-level good practices for inclusive education.

During the workshop attendees learned more about the PLCs, the practices upscaled in each pilot country, effective interventions when training and supporting mainstream teachers, what made the consortium partnership effective, and how the project’s findings could be used at the broader European worldwide levels.


Gergana Efremova
Institutional Partnerships Manager
Teach For Bulgaria

Adriana Sumanaru
Public Funds and Foundations Manager
Teach for Romania

Mona Mägi Soomer
Head of Community Development
Noored Kooli SA

Stephanie Oberheidt
Global Director- Multilateral projects
Teach For All

Xavier Prats-Monne
Special Advisor
Teach For All