Focusing on Gender Equity Inside and Outside of the Classroom

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Preview image for the video "Carol Seera - Speaking Out For Gender Equity (Teach For Uganda)".

As a teacher in Muwangi Village in Uganda's Luwero District, Teach For Uganda alumna Carolyne Seera recognized that focusing on gender dynamics was critical to addressing the inequities facing her students. In school and in the community, girls were treated with less respect than boys, and often subjected to unwanted physical attention. Carolyne and her co-teacher Charles Obore decided that supporting  the education and empowerment of the girls in their class needed to be a key component of their teaching and for the outcomes they envisioned for all of their students. In this video, Carolyne, a Teach For All Global Girls' Education Fellow, describes how she helped her students of both genders evolve their perspectives and behavior so that their classroom could be a safe, respectful, equitable place for everyone. 

Watch the video to learn more about Carolyne, and visit our Girls' Education Initiative page to meet other Teach For All network teachers and alumni who are working to improve education and equity for girls around the world.