The Global Network Welcomes Enseña por Paraguay

We’re excited to announce that Enseña por Paraguay has joined Teach For All as the global network’s 48th partner. An independent non-profit organization, Enseña por Paraguay envisions a future in which all of Paraguay’s children have access to a high quality education that strengthens their critical thinking, commitment to society, creativity, and innovation, regardless of their socio-economic background.

In Paraguay more than half of all young people leave school by the age of 15, and the quality of the education system is consistently ranked among the lowest in the world (the World Economic Forum ranked it last out of 140 countries in 2015/2016). To tackle these challenges, Enseña por Paraguay is building a movement of talented and committed social leaders who are prepared to change the education. As participants, they will strive to positively impact classrooms and schools in disadvantaged communities, where they will also live. Rooted in this foundational experience, as program alumni they will work across sectors to develop long term-solutions to the challenges facing their students’ families and their communities.

Led by CEO Mariana Ramos Mila, Enseña por Paraguay believes that collective leadership, rigor, growth mindset, and cognitive flexibility are the key factors in effecting systemic change in education. In the near-term, participants will foster their students’ academic and psycho-emotional growth while contributing to the development and regard for teachers throughout Paraguay by sharing innovative tools and practices. In the long term, the organization strives to support the empowerment of social leaders who are informed by their experiences in under-resourced classrooms and communities and committed to transforming the country’s education system.

Enseña por Paraguay is currently placing its first cohort of participants in six schools in the Presidente Hayes and Canindeyú Departments. Together, they will work to help build a better future for Paraguay and its children.

We’re thrilled to welcome Enseña por Paraguay to Teach For All and look forward to many years of learning and growing together.


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