IG Group Partners with the Teach For All Global Network to Accelerate Youth Empowerment

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Teach For All is thrilled to announce a three-year partnership with IG Group to help empower and enable young people around the world to fulfill their potential. In the midst of a global pandemic, supporting students to learn and thrive has never felt more urgent, and we look forward to collaborating with IG Group through its Brighter Future Fund, which will accelerate our global network’s efforts in the coming years. 

Through this premiere global partnership, IG Group will work closely with 10 network partner organizations across the globe, support the establishment of two new prospective partner organizations, and collaborate with Teach For All’s global organization to help raise awareness of our shared focus on youth education and empowerment. “Teach For All and IG Group share a desire to ensure young people have the education, support, and opportunity they need to thrive,” said Wendy Kopp.  “We’re very excited about the potential of our partnership to enable the development of more extraordinary teachers and leaders to work towards that end in countries all over the world.” 

In 2019, IG Group established a strategic partnership with Teach First, Teach For All’s network organization in the UK. The establishment of IG’s Brighter Future Fund in 2020 enabled them to significantly scale up this work. Now, through this new global partnership with Teach For All, IG Group will help empower young people, on a truly global scale, especially those whose communities have been deeply impacted by COVID-19. “Our £2 million global partnership with Teach For All is a key part of our Brighter Future programme and a further demonstration of IG’s commitment to help the most vulnerable children by improving their access to a good education and future opportunities," IG Group's CEO June Felix shared. "At this challenging time and in line with our purpose and values as a company, we want to empower young people in the global markets in which we operate to reach their full potential by providing them with the right environment and tools to succeed.” 

Through this exciting partnership, IG Group’s employees will be offered opportunities to engage directly with Teach For All network partners and support them in areas of need. We  look forward to learning about and sharing their efforts to lend their expertise, time, and energy to students, teachers, and communities across the global network..