Introducing Teach For All's 2024 Student Leader Advisory Council

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Collage of the headshots of all nine 2024 SLAC members

We're thrilled to announce the selection of the 2024 Student Leader Advisory Council (SLAC) and to introduce its nine new members, who are students of teachers or alumni of Teach For Armenia, Teach For Kenya, Teach For Nigeria, Teach For Pakistan, Enseña Perú, Teach For Qatar, and Teach For Zimbabwe. The SLAC was created in 2018 because we the voices and perspectives of students are included in Teach For All's decisions and direction, and to ensure we're amplifying the many ways in which students are demonstrating leadership across our network.  

The new members range in age from 12 to 17 and were selected from over 170 applicants from across the network, after multiple rounds of rigorous application reviews by global organization staff and network teachers and alumni, with the outgoing students of the previous SLAC making the final selection decisions. Throughout this year, they'll collaborate with Teach For All's global organization and network partners, as well as other advisory committees, to contribute to our vision and work. The SLAC members will also represent their partner organizations and the network by sharing their experiences at speaking engagements and on various communications platforms.

We look forward to sharing much more about the 2024 Student Leader Advisory Council and their activities over the coming months. Until then, visit the SLAC  biography page to learn more about all of its members.