Network Alumni Innovations Recognized by HundrED

Five initiatives launched by alumni of Teach For All network partners are among HundrED’s annual curated list of 100 Inspiring Innovations that are changing the face of education. A non-profit organization that researches and shares innovations in K-12 education around the world, HundrEd aims to give visibility and recognition to initiatives that are ambitious, scalable, and effective in resource-constrained environments.

The alumni-led innovations recognized by HundrEd in 2019 include::

AccessEd: Teach First alumni Simon Coyle and Jonny Sobczyk launched AccessEd to replicate the impact of their UK-based non-profit, The Brilliant Club, on a global scale. The pair co-founded The Brilliant Club to help students from underrepresented backgrounds gain access to selective universities in the UK. The program’s success led them to develop AccessEd, which supports the growth of new Brilliant Club-style university access programs in countries around the world.

Instill Education: Co-founded by Teach First alumnus Tom Parry and Alim Ladha, with Teach For America alumnus Evan Hendon as the Founding Dean, Instill Education is a teacher training program with a vision to transform teaching and school leadership across the African continent. Currently based in Johannesburg, the organization runs pilot programs of its innovative curriculum in partnership with multiple school networks.

Panal Foundation: As a high school teacher, Enseña Chile alumnus Tomás Despouy recognized that his students felt powerless to create positive change in their schools and communities. In response, he founded Panal, a non-profit extracurricular program designed to promote student leadership through the development of socioemotional skills. Through Panal, students form cooperative working groups to identify issues that impact them and develop and implement solutions. Today, there is a collaborative network of Panal organizations in multiple countries in Latin America, all led by alumni of Teach For All network partners.

SMILES in Education: Teach For India alumnus Vishal Sharma is an engineer, educator, and a certified Yoga and Mindfulness Trainer. He founded SFAL (Stress-Free Awakened Learning) Foundation and developed the holistic teacher training program SMILES in Education. SMILES (Stress-free Motivating Inquisitive Learning Eco-System) is a continuous and comprehensive holistic teacher development and support program which can be sustained by local teacher leaders. SMILES envisions a stress-free, self-sustaining learning community of motivated teachers using mindfulness and yoga integrated with pedagogical skills for excellence in academics and wellbeing of students and teachers.

Voice 21: Teach First alumnus and co-founder of School 21, Oli de Botton, believes voices “have the power to shape viewpoints, resolve differences and overcome obstacles.” Helping students find and elevate their voices, he argues, is the responsibility of schools. In collaboration with School 21 (where comfort with oral self-expression is central to teaching and learning) and Oracy Cambridge, Voice 21 was created to train, inspire, and support state schools in the UK to teach spoken communication, dialogue, and public speaking to all students and to campaign for oracy to have a higher status in the education system.

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