Network Partners in Latin America Launch a Digital Learning Website for Spanish Speakers

As in many countries around the world, since stay-at-home regulations were put in place in March, millions of students in Latin America and Spain have had to change the way they learn. Teachers have had to change the way they teach. Parents have had to change the way they support their children’s learning.

This evolution has been possible because of the innovation and creativity of teachers, parents, and students—and, for those who have access, thanks to the technology and connectivity that enable online learning. In recent months, numerous websites aggregating digital learning resources have emerged. However, for many educators and students in Latin America and countries around the world, those websites offer limited support, as the majority of the resources are in English. 

To ensure all students in Latin America—including those not fluent in English—have access to engaging and effective learning tools, since school closures began Enseña por México has been gathering and curating learning resources in Spanish. The initiative began as a blog, but as the need and the collection of resources continued to grow, it evolved into the newly-launched website is a compilation of high quality free resources in Spanish for creating learning experiences. The content is curated by Enseña por México and Clap! and the site is designed to be easily navigated so educators, students, and parents can quickly find what they need. includes resources for all age groups, from early childhood to young adults, classified by age/grade level as well as subject, including the arts, languages, science, and more.

Developed by Enseña por México, is intended for Spanish-speaking teachers, students, and parents all across Latin America, including Teach For All network partners Enseñá por Argentina, Enseña Chile, Enseña por Colombia, Enseña Ecuador, Empieza por Educar (Spain), Enseña por Panamá, Enseña Paraguay, Enseña Perú, and Enseña Uruguay. Teachers and staff of these organizations, as well as allies and experts all over the world, are able to both utilize existing resources on the website and to contribute Spanish language content they have developed.

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