Network Teachers & Alumni Can Now Connect and Collaborate on

Fostering an interconnected global network is critically important to achieving Teach For All’s vision of a world in which communities everywhere are enabling their children to shape a brighter future. While each local context is unique, the similarities in the nature of the challenges facing children from place to place mean that solutions are often shareable. Through our network, peers from around the world can share ideas and challenges, and adapt others’ innovations in their own communities. To this end, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new section of our website designed to encourage and support cross-border learning and sharing among network participants and alumni. 

In 50 countries across the globe, there are currently more than 14,000 participants and over 69,000 alumni of Teach For All network partners. The Network Teachers & Alumni page provides a variety of resources and opportunities for this growing community of changemakers to connect with and learn from each other. Visitors can find information about in-person events (workshops, gatherings, learning trips); links to online communities based on interest (social innovation, policy, LGBTQ) and geography (Latin America, Asia Pacific); funding, award, scholarship, and career opportunities; and guidance for hosting events and creating new virtual communities. In the coming weeks and months, the page will continue to evolve as new features are introduced and feedback and contributions from participants and alumni are incorporated.

In offering a space where network teachers and alumni can learn about and connect with each other, our aim is to encourage the sharing and spreading of ideas, innovations, and inspiration that will unlock the potential for even greater impact on children in communities around the world.

Visit the Network Teachers & Alumni page and learn more.