Structure Your Organization for Innovation

What happens when your team is focused on the details of today, but the problem you’re trying to solve keeps changing? What happens when your team’s mission is being defined by outside groups (from schools to teacher groups to politicians and donors)? What happens when you’re trying to solve educational inequity at the system level through innovation, but your own team is afraid of change?

This session was a conversation about how to make strong incremental progress while also structuring your team for the future. Attendees were introduced to a way of structuring a team that helps enable existing work to thrive while also allowing for more innovation and impact. This session is likely most relevant to teams beyond the start-up and early growth phases (5+ years).


Yuritzi Acosta
MD, External Affairs
Teach For America - Las Vegas

Sean Parker
Executive Director
Teach For America - Las Vegas

Marcus Howard
Director, Strategic Innovations
Teach For America - Las Vegas