Teach For All and VélezReyes+ Partner to Increase Opportunities in Latin America Through Education and Leadership Development

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Teach For All and network partners Ensina Brasil, Enseña por Colombia, and Enseña Peru are launching an 18-month regional initiative to unleash the potential of students and educators in Latin America. The program is supported by VélezReyes+, a new philanthropic platform founded by entrepreneurs Mariel Reyes, founder of {Reprograma}, and David Vélez founder of Nubank, that aims to level the playing field and create equal opportunities for all Latin Americans by identifying, supporting, and scaling innovative educational and leadership initiatives in the region. 

“At VélezReyes+ we are convinced that education and leadership are the most effective pathways to address the inequitable access to opportunities for Latin Americans. Teach For All and its partner organizations Enseña por Colombia, Enseña Perú and Ensina Brasil work within these two areas by investing in leadership development to address educational challenges in under-resourced communities across the region,” said the VélezReyes+ co-founders. "The partnership with the Teach For All network is VélezReyes+'s stepping stone to becoming a multi-country platform for Latin America."

This partnership seeks to support the transformation of systems over time by growing and supporting diverse cohorts of fellows, teachers, and principals in all three partner countries and building trust-based coalitions of education stakeholders in Colombia and Peru. The partnership enables Teach For All and its network partners to expand support of marginalized students and communities in this challenging post-pandemic era.

“This initiative is key for Teach For All’s support of partners in the Americas region, as it allows us to reach more students, prepare more teachers, and leverage the power of collective leadership in communities to unleash the potential that already exists,” said Ana Florez, Head of the Americas region at Teach For All. “It is ideal to have the support of a partner like VelezReyes+ that is truly aligned with our network’s mission and deeply understands the challenges of inequity and inequality across the region.”

Teach For All, Ensina Brasil, Enseña por Colombia, and Enseña Perú look forward to working with VelezReyes+ through this partnership.