Teach For All Network Innovations Recognized by Brookings

The Center for Universal Education (CUE) at the Brookings Institution recently released a report entitled “Can We Leapfrog? The Potential of Education Innovations to Rapidly Accelerate Progress,” which examines the possibility of using innovations to accelerate educational progress to ensure all young people develop the skills they need to thrive in a fast-changing world.

The report argues that there are two key elements—skills inequality and skills uncertainty— responsible for what is called the “100-year gap.” This gap is the average time it will take for the most disadvantaged children to catch up to today’s educational levels of the more advantaged children, if the status quo remains largely unchanged. Consequently, it makes the case for leapfrogging, which the report defines as “any practices, both new and old, that enable skills inequality to be much more quickly addressed than the current 100-year gap predicts, and also as any practices that enable us to meet the challenge of skills uncertainty in this rapidly changing world.”

CUE also dives into detail on what leapfrogging actually looks like, through laying out a pathway they have developed from existing examples of how to transform what and how children learn, as well as a global catalog of education innovations. To develop this, CUE brought together data on education innovation initiatives collected by 15 organizations that they call “Education Innovation Spotters” into one central catalog—one of which is Teach For All’s Global Innovation Hub (Alumni Incubator), which supports Teach For All network partners to nurture entrepreneurship within their alumni communities locally; as well as connecting alumni of network partners who are launching and scaling education innovations globally. The resulting catalog featured in the report captures almost 3,000 innovations, including 47 from Teach For All’s global network.

We’re excited to be included in a report that both captures the energy and diversity of the global education social innovation community and highlights the potential of rapidly accelerating progress towards achieving equitable and inclusive education for all children.

Learn more about the Global Innovation Hub at Teach For All.

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