Teach For All Welcomes Enseña por Bolivia

We’re excited to announce that Enseña por Bolivia has joined Teach For All as the global network’s 57th partner. Enseña por Bolivia envisions a new social paradigm in which all Bolivians, irrespective of their origins, have the tools and conditions to creatively shape the just and whole society that they imagine for themselves in the pursuit of the development of their natural and whole selves.

Currently in Bolivia, a child’s access to education is largely determined by their place of birth, racial origin, and gender. A 2019 analysis by the Fundación Jubileo found that, on average, a non-indigenous child from a well-off family in an urban area completed 14.4 years of education, while an indigenous girl from a low-income family in a rural area completed only 2 years of education. Additionally, the indigenous population has a poverty rate that is 1.5 times higher than that of other Bolivians. Given the importance of education as a means to escape poverty, millions of Bolivian children and youth face significant barriers.  

Led by CEO and Co-founder Adriana Yaffar, Enseña por Bolivia believes that all children are important, and the organization is working in close partnership with communities as part of the larger ecosystem  to ensure that each student has access to an education that enhances their abilities and allows them to access a better future. In February 2021, Enseña por Bolivia plans to place 35 teachers in schools across multiple communities in La Paz and Potosí, where they collaborate closely to support students’ culturally responsive educational growth and join forces with their communities and schools to further their shared visions for success.  At the end of their two-year teaching commitment, Enseña por Bolivia alumni will harness their passion and learning to collaborate with other actors across the system to work toward delivering on the promise of the Bolivian constitution for a whole and just society for all Bolivians.

Adriana explained that while problems with its education system may seem immense, Bolivia’s diversity — the country is home to 36 recognized native peoples — is a key strength. “The challenge is complex and formidable, which is why Enseña por Bolivia believes that the response to it needs to be commensurate to the challenge.  We must engage many voices, representing the rich diversity and strength that our nation is so proud of,” she explained. “To do this we hope to hold space to imagine together a better future, working as members of the education ecosystem in the communities, focusing on our dream to enable all children to develop into living their full potential.  We are sure that this future exists and is achievable.” 

Teach For All’s global network looks forward to learning from and with Enseña por Bolivia’s staff, teachers, students, and future alumni, as well as the communities in which they work. 

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