Teach For All's Global Learning Lab for Community Impact Hosts Convening

In April 2019, Teach For All’s Global Learning Lab for Community Impact brought together 50 participants from 15 different countries for a convening in Northampton, England to learn about the drivers of whole community change in education.

The Community Impact Lab chose Northampton as the site for the convening because the town in the East Midlands of England represents a great example of community impact in action.  Once known for manufacturing of leather goods, Northampton now has the lowest economic mobility of any town in England and low-income residents see few opportunities for economic growth. To address this challenge, Northampton has built a coalition of organizations, including schools, to improve the outcomes of residents.  Attendees at the convening had a chance to visit local schools and to hear from students and other local leaders about their work in the region.  

Just as importantly, attendees had a chance to learn from each other and to work together to address their common challenges.  Participants found that whether their organizations were new or old, large or small, they faced many of the same issues.

Check out the video above to learn more about the convening and attendees’ experiences and learnings.

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