Teach For Pakistan Joins Teach For All

We’re thrilled to announce that Teach For Pakistan has joined the global network, becoming Teach For All’s 47th partner. An independent nonprofit organization, Teach For Pakistan’s mission is to recruit, train, and support outstanding Pakistani university graduates and young professionals to commit to teach for a minimum of two years in underserved schools and communities, and become leaders in the effort to expand educational opportunity for children throughout the country.

In Pakistan, half of all children aged 5-16 are out of school, and the majority of those who are enrolled attend struggling public or private schools. As a result of this crisis, 50 percent of children in grade five are unable to read a story or solve a two-digit division problem. Because of the scale of the challenges facing its country’s students, Teach For Pakistan is calling on promising future leaders to teach in the schools and communities where they’re needed most and develop the leadership skills that will spark and grow their collective efforts to effect sustainable, systemic change for Pakistan’s children.

Led by Co-founder and CEO Khadija Baktiar, Teach For Pakistan will recruit and develop its 2018 cohort of Fellows this year, to begin teaching in public schools in the federal capital Islamabad in the fall. In addition to teaching, during the second year of their fellowship, Fellows will plan and implement community projects to tackle specific issues affecting the wellbeing of children in their school or community, and work together with local stakeholders to ensure these initiatives can be sustained. With the support of government, business, and community stakeholders, Teach For Pakistan aims to grow its movement nationwide in the coming years.

Launched as a pilot in Karachi and Lahore in 2011, Teach For Pakistan recruited and supported more than 100 teachers and education leaders over four years. This emerging leadership force is currently working to improve education and expand opportunity for children through teaching, school leadership, and policy, and shaping the trajectory of institutions like The Citizens Foundation and the Sindh and Punjab provincial governments.

“Teach For  Pakistan is excited to be joining Teach For All as the network’s 47th partner,” shared Khadija Bakhtiar. “I believe this partnership will enable us to realize our vision for a Pakistan where our country’s most promising young leaders are arriving to ensure that no child is held back by their socio-economic background.”

The global network warmly welcomes Teach For Pakistan to Teach For All. We look forward to learning from and with its staff, participants, and alumni as we make progress toward our shared goal of ensuring all children can fulfill their potential.

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