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3 Things That Make Schools Thrive

KIPP co-founder and Teach For America alumnus Mike Feinberg recently wrote in the Huffington Post about the fundamental elements common to successful schools around the world. The post is based on his experiences visiting schools and talking with parents in countries as diverse as Mexico, South Africa, and Israel through KIPP's One World Network of Schools initiative.

Growth, Not Perfection

Is seeking perfection in our students, our schools and ourselves a healthy model for growth?

Isaac Pollack (Teach For America '06), Principal of New Orleans’ Carver High School doesn’t think so. He leads his school on the simple belief that "it’s ok to make mistakes, just be better tomorrow than you were today."

The Importance of Trust

A trust culture

The purpose of schools is to develop a place where all students learn at high levels. In order to achieve this, we must establish meaningful relationships. As a former principal, one of my main responsibilities was to help facilitate these relationships. And an essential component of meaningful relationships is trust. Trust is safety. Trust is comfort.  Trust is feeling that someone has your back. Trust is an environment where individuals can be their best selves.

A Rising Tide For Education

Teach For All's CEO, Wendy Kopp, was recently interviewed by International Innovation, a global publication that that provides unique access to content for the scientific, technology, and research communities. The following is the full text of the interview, reposted with permission.

More Than a Number

“When I first got into teaching I thought success was 85 percent on the state test. Within just a short amount of time I realized that was so flawed. My students are more than a score, they are more than a number and that can’t be the measure of success.”

Taylor Delhagen (Teach For America, 2006) reflects on the importance of empowering your students to critically examine the world around them, rigorously explore values and exercise the perseverance needed to overcome failure.


CEO Wendy Kopp Pays Tribute to John F. Kennedy

"His call to serve and even his urging that we think of ourselves as global citizens are just completely foundational to Teach For America and Teach For All."

Teach For All CEO and Co-Founder, Wendy Kopp, appeared on NBC's "Today" as part of a tribute to former US President John F. Kennedy this morning. Alongside community organizer and former Texas state senator, Gonzalo Barrientos, she discussed how President Kennedy’s call to national service and creation of the Peace Corps helped inspire the founding of Teach For America and Teach For All.