Teach For India

Meet the Makers

“What was so refreshing about spending four days with leaders of Teach for Lebanon, Teach for China, Teach for India and all the others was the fact that, since 9/11, I’ve spent so much time writing about people who are breaking things and so little time covering people who are making things. This was a week with the makers.”

The Path to System Change

"Warwick Sharp, Pablo Princz, and Mayank Lodha are three examples of the many alumni of Teach For All programs around the world pursuing careers whose focus is lasting and sustainable systemic change in education and the improvement of children's learning environments. While the educational landscape of each Teach For All partner's country is unique, many of the challenges they face—and many of the solutions—are the same.”

Deutsche Post DHL Global Volunteers Support Teach For All Partners

In September, Teach For All partners around the world participated in Deutsche Post DHL’s Global Volunteer Day. Established in 2008, Global Volunteer Day is a Deutsche Post DHL initiative for its employees around the world to engage personally with their corporate responsibility slogan "living responsibly" and volunteer with local organizations.