Vichitapol Pholpoke

Vichitapol is the CEO and Founder of Teach For Thailand. Inspired by the idea of young people coming together to make a positive impact in society through education, combined with a passion for educational equality, Vichitapol has been developing Teach For Thailand since 2010 to determine the best way to optimize the program in the Thai context.

Born and raised in Bangkok, Vichitapol holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Oklahoma. After graduation, Vichitapol worked in the marketing and communication field in Singapore, advising clients in the public and private sectors. He returned to Thailand in late 2011 to focus on launching Teach For Thailand after attending the Teach For All immersion conference. Since then, Vichitapol has been working on Teach For Thailand full-time, building support for the program in preparation for a 2013 launch with the goal of placing 50 Fellows in 2014.

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Teach For Thailand