Teach For Austria alumnus Felix Stadler is fighting for a more equitable education system—as a politician and a teacher

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Through the backs of students' heads we see a young white male teacher with brown hair and glasses standing in front of a whiteboard.

Before becoming a Teach For Austria fellow, Felix Stadler knew that there was inequity in the country’s education—but he didn’t realize how that inequity impacted students from marginalized backgrounds until became their teacher. Felix’s experience in the classroom inspired him to become a politician, to advocate for a system that provides all students with the quality of education they need to thrive in a changing world. Today, Felix is a member of the state parliament in Vienna and his party’s Spokesperson for Education—and he’s returned to the classroom as part-time teacher. “I try to spend as much time in the classroom as possible,” he says, “and then use these experiences in the political work I do.”

Learn more about Felix’s vision for every student in Austria and the collective leadership needed between schools, educators, and policymakers to make it happen in the video above, and visit our Network Changemakers page to meet more inspiring alumni.