2020 Global Conference - Growing Collective Leadership at All Levels of the System

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Transforming education requires collective leadership at all levels of the system. Across the network, that leadership is growing—but what kind of leadership makes a difference outside of the classroom? How is it being developed? What has worked, and what has not?

In Chile, Enseña Chile is cultivating school and district leadership and strengthening community involvement through Colegios Que Aprenden (Schools That Learn). And from Ancash, Peru to Pune,India to the Rio Grande Valley in the US to Gonaïves and Mirebalais in Haiti, a number of network partners are building on the foundations of alumni leadership to support  collective efforts involving teachers, parents, school leaders, ministry officials, and other NGOs. The aim is to strengthen leadership in key areas, increase diversity and inclusion, and create effective ways of working together.


Tomas Recart

CEO & Co-founder

Enseña Chile

Nedgine Paul Deroly


Anseye Pou Ayiti

Michelle Culver

Co-Founder, Systems Learning Lab

Teach For America

Soon Seng Chan

Chief Executive Officer

Teach For Malaysia

Gönül Eğlence

Regional Director

Teach First Deutschland

Franco Mosso


Enseña Perú

Alex Beard

Senior Director, Global Learning Lab

Teach For All