Education and Employability for Young People: A New Phase of the Deutsche Post DHL Group and Teach For All Partnership

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A long-time partner of Teach For All, Deutsche Post DHL Group believes that helping to empower people and communities to do what they do best—think creatively, use emotional intelligence, make value judgments, communicate, teach, and share wisdom—is the key to bringing about the change and opportunities necessary to ultimately eliminate inequality. Through its dynamic GoTeach Program, DPDHL Group has taken a global stand for education and employability, recognizing the individual and societal benefits they bring. Like Teach For All network partners, GoTeach leverages its employees’ expertise, knowledge, and skills to create lasting relationships that benefit students, schools, and their surrounding communities.

Given our shared aspirations that all children have the education, support, and opportunities they need to fulfill their potential, we are thrilled to enter a new phase of our partnership with DPDHL Group as Teach For All’s Employability & Life Skills Partner for the next two years. Together, we can continue to make meaningful strides towards a world in which every child has the opportunities and skills to attain a career that enables them to navigate and lead the world they’ll inherit.

Through this partnership, DPDHL Group will continue to provide support to Teach For All’s global organization and its network partners, including: Enseñá por Argentina, Teach For Bangladesh, Enseña Chile, Teach First (through the DHL UK Foundation), Teach First Deutschland, Enseña Ecuador,  Teach For India, Teach For Lebanon, Teach For Malaysia, Enseña Perú, Teach for the Philippines,  and Empieza por Educar. The company will also establish new partnerships with Enseña por Colombia, Enseña por México, Enseña por Paraguay, Enseña Uruguay, and Teach For Uganda in 2019, amongst others. DPDHL Group and Teach For All will design a set of partnership initiatives focused on ensuring that students are gaining the skills, awareness, agency, proficiency, and disposition to be prepared to thrive in a rapidly evolving and interconnected society and economy and to grow as leaders who can solve increasingly complex societal problems. These initiatives will both provide practical career guidance and opportunities and create mentorship relationships through which DPDHL Group employees can share their personal career development stories and experiences to inspire young people.

“At the end of the day, what really counts is the interaction with these young people,” said Ralf Dürrwang, Vice President Corporate Citizenship at Deutsche Post DHL Group. “We want to leverage our unique strengths and assets: the global reach, the local presence in the communities we work in, the logistics expertise, and, of course, the expertise of our employees.”  

We look forward to this exciting new phase in our continuing partnership with Deutsche Post DHL Group and to sharing the stories of progress and impact from initiatives across the network.  Learn more about Teach For All and DPDHL Group’s Employability and Life Skills partnership in this video.