Enseña por Guatemala joins Teach For All

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We’re so excited to welcome Enseña por Guatemala to the Teach For All global network as our newest partner! Enseña por Guatemala is focused on expanding opportunities for the children of Guatemala and has prioritized diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging since its inception. This priority is evidenced by the organization’s diverse board of directors and local founding team, both of which are representative of the multiculturalism of Guatemala.

Although Guatemala has the largest economy in Central America and has experienced stable growth in recent years, the country continues to face major development challenges with poverty and inequality rates that are among the highest in the Latin American and Caribbean region. The national socio-economic context and limited access to education drive many children and adolescents out of school and towards the informal labor market, migration, or organized crime. Forty-one percent of all teenagers (aged 13-18 years) are out of school, and UNICEF reported that 60,789 unaccompanied Guatemalan children on the move were detected at the southern border of the United States in US fiscal year 2022, a daily average of 167. Indigenous women and girls in Guatemala are among the most affected by systemic inequality, gender-based violence, and social discrimination, with only six out of 10 indigenous girls completing primary-level education on average, and only two in 10 having access to university, according to UNICEF.

Led by CEO Victor Moscoso, Enseña por Guatemala recruits diverse leaders from across backgrounds and professions (including recent college graduates, community leaders, educators and professionals from other fields) to teach full-time in classrooms in vulnerable areas of Guatemala for at least two years. Their leadership program has been developed to prioritize education that responds to the country's multiculturalism and multilingualism through including leaders from the diverse indigenous communities of Guatemala in their recruitment, training, and placement. In addition, Enseña por Guatemala is working to strengthen ties with communities that are vulnerable to forced and unforced migration. Other key priorities include community violence reduction and education for peace, supporting indigenous girls, and breaking the cycles of poverty through holistic and inclusive education and community engagement. 

Teach For All is thrilled to welcome Enseña por Guatemala to our global network and excited to learn from and with its staff, teachers, students, and future alumni, as well as the communities in which they work. 

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