Introducing Teach For All's Student Voices Blog

"Student leaders are not only the future, they are the creators of the future. They believe in shaping their own and the world’s destiny rather than depending on others to do so. Thus their voices and opinions matter." Isha Thakur, Delhi, India

We couldn't agree more with the words of 15-year-old Isha, a student of Teach For India Fellows—which is why we're excited to announce the launch the Teach For All Student Voices Medium blog, featuring the insights, opinions, and reflections of students from across the Teach For All network.

The inaugural posts on the blog were written by members of Teach For All's Student Leader Advisory Council, including Isha, and offer perspectives on topics from gender equity to to prejudice to leadership.  Here are some excerpts:

"As a girl, I dream of seeing equality in my society. I also have overcome such issues of patriarchy in my home where my mom spent every minute doing all the household work alone while also raising us. As my brother, sister and I grew up, my brother was considered as adorable while my sister and I were asked to do various household work. All this differentiation used to make me question why me? I used to hate being born as a girl child seeing these stereotypes. Now, seeing female teachers who fight daily with patriarchy present at school, try hard to ensure every voice is heard, my own sister and mother, their courageous action and dedication makes me feel motivated. Hence, my dream is to work for equality and create a harmonious society." 
   — Sunita Waiba, Nepal

"When each of us looks in our bathroom mirror, we see a son, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend. We see a sportsman, a musician, a bookworm, a linguistically talented girl, a physics freak, or an IT professional. We see talents, things to develop, dreams, wishes, plans, and visions. We see ourselves. This is as true for students as for teachers. But as soon as we enter school grounds, we lay down all of these parts of ourselves and become the limited facts that our files contain about us." 
   — Dewina Leuschner, Germany 

"Student leaders not only develop themselves but also their peers. They use their potential to be role models for everyone. They may not necessarily go and solve a big issue but their one step or initiative can trigger big revolutions. They are leaders because they have courage to stand up for others and for themselves. Each and every person can be a leader, no matter how big or small their contribution is to the community." 
   — Isha Thakur, India

Visit Teach For All Student Voices on Medium to read the complete posts by Sunita, Dewina, and Isha, and be sure to book mark the link, as we'll be updating the blog regularly. 

Learn more about Teach For All's Student Leader Advisory Council.

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