Naeef Almezel: From Teacher to Refugee to "Refugee Teacher"

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World Refugee Day: Naeef Alemezel
"Education is the only thing that will make my voice heard."

In 2015, Naeef Almezel fled his home and his life as a music teacher in war-torn Syria. After a difficult journey during which he suffered enormous loss, Naeef arrived in Sweden where he settled as a refugee. Several months later,  Naeef reconnected with his roots in education and began volunteering in a local school where he learned the Swedish language. He eventually became an accredited teacher in Sweden and a role model and mentor to his refugee students. Today, Naeef is a staff member at Teach For Sweden where he supports and develops teachers who work with refugee children.

Watch the video above to learn more about Naeef's personal and professional journey, his approach to working with students who share his experience, and why he embraces the term "refugee teacher" and all that it represents.