PISA 2022: Dr. Andreas Schleicher in conversation with Wendy Kopp

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In Februrary, Teach For All held a network forum about the 2022 PISA results with Andreas Schleicher, Director of Education and Skills at the OECD and PISA’s architect. Following an overview of the high-level insights and trends, the discussion focused particularly on what the results showed about education systems’ inequity and student wellbeing. The discussion revealed that the overall headline of PISA 2022 is that proficiency in reading, mathematics, and science continued a downward trend that began a decade ago, predating the COVID-19 pandemic. This begs the question—why?  While many are pursuing the challenge of improving education, why are outcomes actually declining, let alone not improving?

Watch the video for Dr. Schleicher's complete presentation and discussion with Teach For All's CEO Wendy Kopp, as well as Q&A with attendees.