ProFuturo and Teach For All network partners will train 8,000 teachers in digital skills and leadership

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ProFuturo, the digital education program promoted by Fundación Telefónica and "la Caixa" Foundation, is partnering with Teach For All and its network partners Teach For Cambodia, Enseña Chile, Enseña por Colombia, Teach For Kenya, and Teach For Zimbabwe to train 8,000 teachers in those countries in order to contribute to reducing the digital gap in education in vulnerable environments. For 12 months, the foundations will join forces to strengthen teachers' digital and leadership skills.

The project is based on an implementation model already tested by ProFuturo, cascade training, which first trains the teams of local partners and their teachers, who then train other teachers already integrated in the local education system, so that they in turn reach the students. 

The members of the alliance will work together to prepare the different learning pathways, adapting them to the needs of the teachers who will benefit from the project. The modules will also be adapted to the specific context of each country, so as to ensure the usefulness and correct application of the content. 

The courses offered by the project combine ProFuturo's Digital Teachers approach with Teach For All’s Teaching As Collective Leadership framework. This merger seeks to strengthen the pedagogical integration of technology in the classroom while cultivating community-based teacher leadership. 

The two organizations have worked closely together to customize the project's content offerings to the specific needs of each country. In addition, the implementation of the courses has been adapted to the contexts of the beneficiaries, including modalities such as asynchronous online, synchronous online, and face-to-face courses.  

"We are excited to work hand in hand with Teach For All and its powerful network of local partners," said Magdalena Brier, CEO of ProFuturo. "Digital education breaks down barriers and we know that its transformative power is key to improving the quality of education. In this alliance, both institutions join forces with a shared purpose: to offer thousands of teachers around the world high quality training in digital skills and community leadership that will enable them to be catalysts for change.

"Our collaboration with ProFuturo marks a step to bridging the educational divide, not only through technology but also through leadership development," shared Wendy Kopp, Co-founder and CEO of Teach For All. "By harnessing the power of digital tools and fostering strong teacher leadership, this initiative will enable teachers in Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Kenya, and Zimbabwe to develop a generation of learners who are equipped to navigate and shape the present and future of their communities."