Teach For All and Amgen Foundation Expand Partnership to Six Countries

Enseña por México students participating in a Robotics and Programming Club.

Teach For All and the Amgen Foundation announce the renewal and expansion of their global partnership to advance access to math and science education for children across the world by supporting Teach For All’s Global STEM Initiative and Teach For All network partners, Enseñá por Argentina, Teach For Australia, Ensina Brasil, Teach For China, Enseña por Colombia, and Enseña por México

Teach For All’s Global STEM Initiative aims to develop the collective leadership needed to improve the quality of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education for all children, while breaking down the barriers standing in the way of their ability to learn and contribute as the leaders of tomorrow. Like Teach For All, the Amgen Foundation aims to increase scientific literacy for all and inspire the scientists of tomorrow through robust STEM programming, professional development opportunities for teachers, and hands-on learning opportunities for students. Our dynamic global partnership has already sparked increased STEM offerings across the Teach For All network, and a renewed commitment to continue improving STEM opportunities for all children.

By investing in communities where Amgen employees live and work, Amgen Foundation is supporting the recruitment of highly qualified graduates with STEM backgrounds who would not otherwise seek out teaching positions. These kind of investments into under-resourced communities ensure that students have access to transformative educational experiences. As an example, Enseña por México teaching participants in Monterrey, Nuevo León designed and implemented three robotics and programming clubs at their schools. The clubs attracted 300 students and the team is pleased to report a 90% attendance rate in the initial months of the initiative. One of the student groups participated in a national robotics contest that brought together more than 200 schools from across Mexico.

Amgen Foundation’s support is also allowing  partner organizations to invest in STEM teacher development. For example, in 2018, thanks to Amgen Foundation’s investment, Ensina Brasil placed more than 60% of teaching participants in STEM classrooms. Collectively, these teachers reached 33,500 students.

The Amgen Foundation invests in Teach For All’s global organization and provides critical support to partner organizations across the network, including accelerating scale efforts, strengthening support to teachers, and deepening impact on students and national education systems—particularly in STEM education. The Amgen Foundation has supported Teach For All with gifts totaling $450,000 since 2017.